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Jaguar Accessories


JLR overseas markets are responsible for marketing and updating their own Accessories content. A lack of checking-in on the work they do on the OEM website has caused friction between selling accessories and the overall brand strategy. This caused a confusing user experience, so a solid one-size fits all global strategy needed to be implemented.


I needed to gather as much information as I could on how the markets sold accessories. I did this by contacting relevant Account Managers who were able to get me sales data. Regarding how customers used the current site I used Crazy Egg Heat Mapping and Google Analytics Content Drilldowns.


I created a User Flow to help with the direction my wireframes would go. I would also use it in my presentation to the client.

Using my User Flow and my data I created a sectional blueprint all markets could use for their Accessories sales.

Due to my previous work on the Content Editing team I also helped the international Editors work through this brief. This was helpful to ensure the reasons behind the Global Strategy were understood.

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