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Conceptual Work


A collection of some of the things I have done to keep busy recently.


Tapster is a CMS for smaller pubs, bars and cafes to use to create apps their customers can use to order food and drinks. 


The idea came about once I started to notice how many of my local pubs didn’t have a standardised way of adhering to new social distancing rules. Some would still allow customers to queue at the bar, one used Whatsapp for customers to send orders to the bar. I found flaws in both, as people got more tipsy the queues round the bar started to get less distanced and the pub that used Whatsapp required you to have a knowledge of the menu beforehand. The best method I found are apps, drinks can still be brought to the table and all the items are all shown to the customer without the need to print off disposal menus. A small pub however couldn’t develop their own, so like they do with their websites a simple CMS is what they need to develop a simple app.


Some of my favourite bars are in Madrid, I love the cosiness and the community feel they have. As I have neither the confidence, capital or skill set to open a similar place in the UK I did the next best thing and mocked up a simple site for my dream bar.


My background is more in pure UX, CMS and researching data rather than dealing with UI and Branding. Whoops a Daisy is a flower shop at the end of my road so I wanted to see if I could create an e-Commerce site.

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