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Jaguar XJ


Every year like most in the automotive sector the Nameplate sections are updated with new features the vehicle may offer. It is also a chance to apply any learnings from the previous year to the section to ensure customers are getting the best experience. 


As with most of my projects I started with the data. Unfortunately we did not have any Crazy Egg reports or GA data on the XJ pages due to it being an older vehicle and the old Data Analyser who would have known the location of the files had left. Using my knowledge of Google Analytics I was however able to get the information I needed on customer behaviour. 


Using the data and prior knowledge of how customers behave when viewing older vehicles in the line-up I was able to come up with a strategy for the vehicle. This involved cutting some content that would have seemed cutting edge at the vehicle's launch in 2010 and focused instead on the "old school" luxury features the vehicle has to offer. 


I then created wires for the new layout ready for the client presentation. Once approved I was able to work with the Editing Team to get the layouts created. This work is currently in the preview environment and we’re waiting for clients to give us the approval to push live. 


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