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A test on Jaguar UK’s Nameplate pages had found a reduction in length, increased KPI engagement while also saving on asset costs. My brief was to implement a similar strategy across the Global Jaguar Nameplates.


I took the UK work and dissected it, working out what would be relevant for Global. I then compared that work to data we had for Global, using Crazy Egg and Google Analytics to generate 
anything missing.


The data for Global markets coincided with that as of the UK, Customers were not engaging with content half way down the page. I created low-fidelity wires and worked with Content Strategists to figure how information
could be rearranged.

We decided that a way to reduce page length would be to replace some content with a well chosen image. I worked with Art Directors and Designers to try and find images that could do the job we needed.

Once images were chosen, I created higher-fidelity wires for the Editing Team. Briefed them on the task and set up relevant analytics request so we could monitor how the new pages compared.


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