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Spark44 Training


During my time as a Content Editor at Spark44 the team went from 15 to about 40. With just 15 training wasn’t an issue as we could easily help each other and keep an eye on what we were each doing on the CMS. As the team grew it became very apparent we needed a training program and I was the unfortunate person who volunteered. 


Before I could create a plan I needed to get the team working consistently. I spent a few days shadowing various team members to get a feeling on how they used the CMS. After this I workshopped the new ways of working with a range of senior and junior Content Editors until we found the right method.

I moved on to create two plans, one was for new starters to ensure everybody got the same training when they started and the second was for current staff. 


The training used for new starters applied a lot of the Scaffolding methodology of teaching which was very effective in building novices up to a level where they could use the CMS. I would also have stronger starters or newer members of the team help with the training as I found this helped reinforce their knowledge but also the person learning would feel more at ease and could feel they could make mistakes. 


As for the consistent training of the team I tried to always incorporate Gamification methodologies. I would tend to praise those who would take risks in order to increase efficiently even if it went against the rules of the CMS. These ideas would be expressed in monthly workshops purely for myself and less senior members of the team creating a space where bad ideas weren’t judged. 


Once the team in Birmingham were working consistency with one another we needed to ensure the plan was used internationally. Through video calls and a lucky trip to the Madrid office I workshopped the Birmingham methodology and adapted it to the needs of the international Editors. One of the final things I did before I left the Editing team was to workshop the CMS with our Account teams and our clients with the purpose of giving them a better understanding of how the sites were built. Unfortunately I didn’t stick around to see the results of this but everyone seemed to enjoy it on the day. 


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